The Clever Frog (Funny Story)

This story is about a tiger and a frog. The tiger is hungry. He starts looking for food. He goes to a pond. He sees many frogs.

Tiger: I will catch the biggest, fattest frog. I am so hungry.

The tiger catches a fat frog.

Frog: Good morning, tiger. I know you want to eat me. I am dirty. Let me clean myself. Then you can eat me. 

Tiger: I do not want to eat a dirty frog. Go, wash yourself. I will eat you as soon as you come back.

The frog jumps into the pond with a splash and swims away. It climbs to a floating leaf.

Frog: Bye, tiger. I like you very much!

The hungry tiger is still waiting for the frog.

Do you think the frog will come back to the tiger?


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